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Directed by Yaron Zilberman / Israel / 2019 / Yair Hizmi, Yaron Zilberman / Yehuda Nahari Halevi / I have a wedding shaming story to tell. The wedding itself is bad, sure, but it’s the backstory that’s the real crazy shit. I’d like to share this story somewhere. Two engagements, one wedding, all the same man, within the span of a year and half. This is A LOT so read at your own risk. I also feel the need to say that during the beginning of this story, I myself was engaged. I had s ring and was planning my own wedding. Names and some details are changed to protect identities. Obviously any quotes are paraphrase. This is the story of Poor Rodrick Spring 2018: The Lie I used to work at a retail superstore. Late in the spring we got a new-hire, Poor Rodrick. (A nickname bequeathed unto him by my sister-in-law when I first started telling her the tales of this guy) Poor Rodrick and I worked in the same department. -What we learned about Poor Rodrick: -Age: 19 -Personality: generally nice, nerdy & tech-oriented -Flaws: More than a little immature, tended to act like a know-it-all and CONSTANTLY referred to himself as a “playboy” and “flirt. ” - Related fact: Once told me he had “over 100 girlfriends during high school” - Romantic Status: Engaged The first thing Poor Rodrick ever told us about himself was that he had a fiancé. They had been High School sweethearts (after all those OTHER girls I guess? ) and were VERY in love. They’d been engaged for a while (I don’t remember how long) and were living together in her parents’ basement. He talked about her often, and always spoke highly of her. Nobody suspected any foul play. Then one Monday, about a month after he started, he seemed quieter than usual. My co-workers and I had started up the usual Monday conversations, asking people how their weekends were, what they did, blah blah blah. Poor Rodrick, who typically liked to discuss the latest movies he would see, or brag about the updates to his custom-built PC, was not talking at all, unusually focused on the file-work for our department. Poor Rodrick! ” I said, “How was your weekend? ” He stopped, looked up and gave all of us this weirdly guilty stare. Poor Rodrick: “Not great... my fiancé and I got into a fight. ” Me: “Oh no! That sucks! Are you two ok? ” Poor Rodrick: “Yeah, we’re fine, she’s still pissed at me though. I asked him what happened, if he didn’t mind sharing. And he said, “No, I should tell you all anyways. It’s about the store. ” And we were all like (???? ) and then he told us... So, like most businesses created within this century, our retail store hired both men AND women. This shocking fact turned out to be quite the problem for Poor Rodrick. Poor Rodrick explained that ever since starting his new job he would often come home to his fiancé and talk about his work day. He would talk about what he did, what he was learning... and about his co-ed workplace associates. Well, anytime any name was brought up of the “not-male” persuasion the conversation would take a turn for the worse. Suddenly he was being grilled on who she was, what they did together and what did he think of her?? But, always quick on his feet, Poor Rodrick had the solution! In order to protect his poor fiancé’s feelings and “not make her jealous, ” as he put it, he would confidently tell her not to worry, that this random woman co-worker meant absolutely nothing to him because: They weren’t pretty. Not that he didn’t THINK they were pretty, or that he was dedicated and faithful to his fiancé, or literally any other RATIONAL excuse, no, this man had told his fiancé that EVERY female coworker that he’d ever mentioned through casual conversation was, in fact, just super ugly. And somehow this had worked. Every. Time. But then, that weekend, she had come shopping. Poor Rodrick’s fiancé had innocently come to our store to get some groceries and the second she began to take notice of the staff, Poor Rodrick’s clever ruse fell to pieces. She was shocked and horrified when instead of seeing the store full of the hideous ogresses she has been promised, she was instead confronted mpletely normal looking women! Poor Rodrick was promptly chewed out for hours. Side note, I had actually witnessed this myself, though at the time I didn’t know what exactly I was seeing. That Saturday I had noticed a customer standing with her cart in a far corner of our craft department, staring daggers at me and any other female wearing our work vest. I briefly thought that maybe she needed assistance, but after looking at the ferocity in her eyes I had quickly decided that I could not give her the help she needed. It was only later that I connected my experience with Poor Rodick’s story. Anybody who worked with Poor Rodrick on a somewhat regular basis, myself included, were suddenly a little more concerned about the nature of his relationship. But nobody said anything, apart from one or two prodding questions like, “She’s kind of the jealous type, huh? ” or “Do your cover stories ALWAYS end that well? ” Almost said as jokes, but Poor Rodrick defended his woman’s honor to no end. “She’s not normally like that. ” “She’s the one who really gets me though, ” “I know I sometimes make her jealous because of how I am. ” Sometimes it felt like he was trying to convince himself more so than the rest of us... But he brought her up much less in casual conversation. Summer 2018: The New Cashier About 2 months later Poor Rodrick came to us with great news! His fiancé was looking for a new job! And she had just applied as a cashier! At OUR store! There was no doubt she would get hired. Our store had an infamously high turn-over rate. We all acted excited for his sake. She, we’ll call her Cadence, got hired within the week. On Cadence’s very first day I ran into her. I immediately recognized her as the crazed woman from the craft aisle. I had decided almost immediately after Poor Rodrick’s announcement that if given the chance I would to properly introduce myself. I hoped that if I put in extra effort to be nice and get to know her, given her jealous tendencies, maybe she wouldn’t register me as a threat. But I was being too hopeful. “Hi! My name is OP, you’re Cadence, Poor Rodrick’s fiancé, right? ” She proceeded to look me up and down with the most vicious side-eye and said “Oh, you’re one of the ones he talks about. ” I got out of there pretty fast. Threw something like a “nice to meet you see you around, ” and went back to work. I later learned that she gave a bunch of the other female coworkers that tried to talk to her similar greetings. What we learned about Cadence: Age: 22 Personality: Ha, just kidding she was terrible Flaws: Childish, jealous, very whiny, self absorbed and absolutely domineering over Poor Rodrick’s every move Related Fact: Also referred to Poor Rodrick as a “playboy” and would constantly complain about how she “had to keep an eye on him” otherwise he’d “go wild. ” Cadence’s presence in the store got on everyone’s nerves, especially the members of my department. Over the time of her stay, Cadence slowly demanded more and more of Poor Rodrick’s time. Both on and off the clock. It started with breaks. Being a cashier, Cadence’s break schedule ran differently than that of our department, not to mention she and Poor Rodrick had radically different shifts. Regardless of this fact, Cadence insisted she and Poor Rodrick take their breaks “together. ” So, twice a day at the start of her break Cadence would sweep into our department like a hysterical whirlwind, screaming, “Where’s Rodrick?! I texted him and told him we’re going on OUR break! Why didn’t he text me back? We’re going NOW! ” She would roll down our aisles, searching for her target, and the second she found him, Poor Rodrick was pulled away from us, sucked to her side at a dingy table in the back room. It didn’t matter how busy we were, what project we were working on, or how annoyed our Department Manager was that Cadence was messing up our schedule, every time Cadence called for him, Poor Rodrick would simply give a defeated shrug and walk away. After that, it was their lunch breaks. As previously mentioned, Poor Rodrick and Cadence’s shifts usually started at different times, usually 3-4 hours apart. While Cadence could easily get away with stealing Poor Rodrick for her 15 minute breaks, it took much more effort to take him for an entire hour. Lunch breaks were usually are taken anywhere between 3 or 5 hours into someone’s shift, so the only way Cadence could force her and Poor Rodrick to be together was to convince managers to let one of them take their lunch either very, very, early or extremely late. It didn’t really work out, though sometimes she could get little 10-20 minute overlaps. Poor Rodrick never outwardly complained when his lunch times were messed with, but would sheepishly ask whoever he was on shift with to take his lunch at weird times. During all of this I had only seen so much of Cadence. Other than brief moments in the back room or the few minutes of her daily visits to collect Poor Rodrick, I saw very little of her. I never saw how she acted while working, or what went on during those forced break times together. That changed about halfway through the Summer. Summer 2018 Part 2: Observations Halfway through the Summer Poor Rodrick and Cadence moved out of Cadence’s parent’s basement and got an apartment together. Before the move the two of them had come to work separately. They had one car between them, and I think whichever one was scheduled later would either get an Uber or get a ride from Cadence’s parents. After they got an apartment, however, suddenly they were paying rent. Money was too tight for Ubers, and I guess the free rides stopped. Cadence and Poor Rodrick started driving to work together. Poor Rodrick would start his shift and Cadence would wait it out in the break room until hers started. All this to say that my own lunch break began directly after Poor Rodrick clocked in, meaning that I suddenly had my whole lunch hour to observe Cadence’s behaviors away from Poor Rodrick. Occasionally I would sit down at her same table and attempt to chat, still trying to be nice in spite of everything. Her behaviors included: -Constantly buying herself things from our store. She would open them up and show them off in the break room. She would then complain that Poor Rodrick was “so picky” about their finances -Listing the sins Poor Rodrick had committed the day before, always blaming her bad mood on whatever he had done -Once pulled out her and Poor Rodrick’s shared cooler that they brought to work and complained that he forgot to pack HER lunch -Once pulled out a laptop and complained that “Rodrick didn’t charge it last night!! ” I guess she was going to play games on it while she waited for her shift. -During conversations with me (and other female coworkers I later found out) she would say sketchy and suggestive things regarding our relationships with Poor Rodrick. Some of the things she said include: “It must be so nice for you, working with Rodrick all the time. ” “Wow, you like _________? Rodrick likes _________ too. We have nothing in common, unlike you two APPARENTLY. You must have so much to talk about! ” Side-note: This got on my nerves more than it probably should have. I would sometimes go out of my way to talk about my own fiancé and wedding planning, not to be mean or annoying, but to try to send as clear a message as possible, that message being: “I AM NOT TRYING TO STEAL YOUR MAN. ” Not usually an overly-affectionate texter, I started sending my husband-to-be lots of hearts and lovey-dovey gifs. “How many hearts should I send him this morning?! 5 or 12?!? ” I would say to her when she got particularly pushy, “Gee I can’t WAIT to MARRY him in the fall!! ” These outbursts only did so much to shut her up, and my fiancé noticed and asked about the weird out-of-character texts. He thought it was pretty funny and definitely didn’t mind the extra affection. -She LOVED those “Episode” apps on her phone, the ones that play out ridiculous and contrived drama stories. She was obsessed with the romance stories. The ones with cheating boyfriends/girlfriends or pregnant twins or whatever. She played these excessively -At some point, Poor Rodrick expressed an interest in health and losing weight. He changed up his diet, started working out at home, etc. and she was FURIOUS. She would constantly complain about his new eating habits, saying that he was “starving himself. ” (He told me he was trying portion control) She started buying unhealthy food from the store and would leave it in their shared cooler, hoping to tempt him into snacking, and then when that didn’t work would just straight up shove food in his face, trying to get him to eat. Finally, Cadence’s schedule battle came to a head. She hated waiting for hours for her shift, and was tired of arguing over lunches. She told me one day that she had written in to HR to change her and Rodrick’s availability (or the hours they are available to be scheduled). She and Poor Rodrick would now be working the exact same shifts every day. And that’s when things really went off the rails. I’ll try not to go into too many details, but as far as the scheduling was concerned, everyone gave up. Poor Rodrick’s change of availability messed with our department’s coverage. Cadence complained that her managers were trying to use her change in availability to give her less hours. During this time our store was going through a major change in management and we were losing lots of workers en masse. We all got taken out of our department to cover others. My lunches now, somehow, were overlapping with Poor Rodrick and Cadence’s, leaving basically no coverage for our department. It was definitely bizarre, seeing how Cadence acted when she was with Poor Rodrick. While away from Poor Rodrick, she would almost never shut up about him. But when they were together, she seemed to completely ignore him, or would just straight up insult him and act like whatever she said was funny. I assure you, it was not. I was invited by Poor Rodrick to eat lunch at their table, him and I were more or less friends. We chatted about movies, tv shows, typical nerd stuff. It was whatever, but Cadence made everything painful. She would be on her phone playing those drama apps while I ate lunch and Poor Rodrick and I talked. Poor Rodrick tried every now and again to bring Cadence into the conversation with a “What do you think honey? ” or “We just talked about that the other day, didn’t we? ” This went over like a bucket of cold water. She would either not respond at all, or say something like, “You know I don’t anything about that. ” And go right back to her phone. The look of defeat and embarrassment on Poor Rodrick’s face was nearly unbearable. The only other noteworthy event during this time was how Cadence liked to get attention from Poor Rodrick. See, while she was happy to ignore him and play her games, if she felt that HE wasn’t paying attention to HER, she would become very upset. She was like a ticking time bomb, her fuse lit and burning down. She would glance over at him as he ate his lunch, watched videos on his phone or talking to other co-workers. Suddenly, she would explode at the table. Her whole body moved to cover his face with whatever game was on her phone. Cadence: “OoOoHHH!! RoDrIcK! WhO ShOuLd wE KisS?!? ChAd or KeViN?!? ” Poor Rodrick: “Uuhhh, I don’t know... Chad...? ” Cadence: “UUUGHHHH!!! BuT RoDrIcK!!! wE’Re in LOoOoOovvvveee with KeViN!!!! ” Fall 2018: The Breakup And then, IT HAPPENED. One night while I was mindlessly scrolling through Facebook I saw a post from Poor Rodrick. It read: “Dear close friends and family, I thank all of you for the support you’ve given Cadence and I over the years, but I have a sad announcement to make. Cadence and I are calling off our engagement. We have grown apart and we realize we can should no longer be together. We apologize for the negative impact this might have on any of you, but we hope we can all continue to love each other through this time and remain amiable in the future. Thank you. ” I felt a HUGE sense of relief for this man. I clicked into the comment section to see what people were saying. Most of the comments were people I didn’t know (friends and family I assumed) wishing them well, saying they were sorry, etc. And Poor Rodrick was responding back, saying thank you, sending love, etc. etc. But then Cadence showed up. She COMMENTED ON THIS POST: “Haha, don’t worry everyone, Rodrick is just mad right now. We’ll be back together, you’ll see;)” Poor Rodrick posted back. “No, this is real. The decision is final. You need to accept this. ” Cadence posted AGAIN: “No, we’ve done this before. Everything is fine, we’ll get back together like we always do. ” My jaw dropped, I was watching this unfold, live, Cadence insisting that “Rodrick is being dramatic, ” “Rodrick will change his mind tomorrow. ” On and on. And then other people started chiming in. They posted, telling Cadence off. They said that she was a child. They told her that they knew she would be like this. That she needed to accept that Poor Rodrick was breaking up with her and get over it. She didn’t last very long. I think she rage quit once she got dog-piled. It was glorious. The next day at work Poor Rodrick looked exhausted. I hesitantly breached the subject. Poor Rodrick told me that the night before he and Cadence had a huge fight, more serious than their typical arguments. During this fight, he finally snapped and broke things off. Apparently he’d been losing feelings for a long time, but had been too afraid to go through with it, sticking around for various reasons. They had broken up in the past, but it had never stuck. This time he was going to make sure it was for good. As far as a Cadence was concerned, she was still convinced that they were together. In fact, she refused to believe that they were really broken up for about a month. In the immediate aftermath of the Facebook announcement Poor Rodrick did his best to cut as many strings attaching himself to Cadence as possible. He stopped going on breaks with her, he stopped taking his lunches with her and he changed his availability back to what it was. He split his finances from her and set money aside to pay for Ubers to get separate rides to work. Despite all this, Cadence still wouldn’t accept that he was gone. She still came back to our department almost every day asking for him, not for breaks like before, but just because she “needed to talk to him. ” Poor Rodrick, of course, did not want to see her, and frankly, neither did anyone else in our department. Commence Operation: “Anne Frank. ” We hid him under counters, we hid him behind aisles, we smuggled him to the back behind heavy palettes of strategically stacked boxes. Anytime she came knocking, Poor Rodrick was conveniently missing. It was one of the only (and best) team building exercises we’d ever done. Unfortunately, there was only so much we could do to help our friend. If you remember, the two of them had been living together now for about two months. They had both signed a year long lease and neither had to cash to buy their way out of it. They were stuck together. So no matter how many ways Poor Rodrick tried to avoid Cadence, at the end of the day, she would be waiting for him at the apartment. Spring 2019: The Abuse Victim The winter was rather uneventful, or if there was something major, I missed it. I mentally checked out a little, per newlywed life. The only thing that you need to know is that eventually, Cadence did accept that she had been dumped. She stopped by our department less and less, until one day she stopped bothering us all together. After the long, miserable season in an apartment colder and more bitter than the subzero temperatures outside, the new year came around, and with it a Poor Rodrick with a new lease on life. It had been decided: Cadence’s parents had given her the money to break the lease early! Poor Rodrick would be keeping the apartment, and she would soon be gone! But actually not too soon, it was still going to be a couple of weeks. Now with the finish line in sight, all Poor Rodrick had to do was wait it out and avoid any parting drama from Cadence. That is not what happened. Poor Rodrick made a fatal error during the final weeks of his time with Cadence: He started celebrating a little too early. Poor Rodrick told us one day that after all his heartache and pain with Cadence, and after months of self-reflection and soul searching, that he finally felt ready to put himself back out on the dating market! He’d downloaded a dating app and started swiping. This move, while a good sign that he was starting to heal and move on with his life, had the unintentional side effect of re-awakening Cadence’s bitchy wrath. Not only did she start going out of her way to bother Poor Rodrick at work and at home again in a way she hadn’t since their break up, but suddenly she was now dating again as well and would loudly talk about the men she was chatting with online. All of this lead to Poor Rodrick and Cadence having more frequent arguments than they ever did while together. Until one day, it all came to a head. I was in the back at my locker when Cadence came into work. Cadence: “HE BIT ME!!! ” Me: “Excuse me? ” Cadence:“Rodrick BIT ME last night! Look!! ” She pulled up a sleeve and showed me her arm. Sure enough, she had a bite mark on her forearm. It was right below her wrist and curled around from behind the back of her hand to under her palm. It was distinct, red and puffy. I was speechless for a second, processing what I was seeing. Me: “What happened? ” Cadence: “RODRICK BIT ME! ” Now I feel the need to add that Cadence wasn’t saying this with any mortified, concerned or scared tone. In fact, she sounded downright excited. She was smiling, like she’d one the freaking lottery, waving her arm around in front me, like it was a prize or something. I was majorly creeped out that she didn’t seem to be taking this seriously. Me: “Okay... WHY did he bite you? What happened? ” Cadence, very flippantly: “Oh, well probably because I was on his back. ” Me: “ Why were you on his back? ” Cadence: Because he took my phone. ” Me: “Why did he take your phone, Cadence? Cadence: “I don’t know, he just takes stuff away from me sometimes! It’s annoying! He wouldn’t give it back!! ” Me: “So.... he took your phone, and you tackled him...? By jumping on his back....? ” Cadence: “Yeah. And then he bit me! ” I I was beyond horrified and had about a dozen questions reeling around my brain. He took her phone and she tackled him?! And he bit her?! Was their go-to solutions for minor problems theft and physical assault?!? No, it was more like toddler problem-solving logic, but was this normal for them? And she was waving around her injury at work so blatantly and... happily?!? I made sure to ask her if the bite had broken her skin, if she had bled at all, and she said no. That was good, other than just waiting for it to heal naturally, there was nothing to be done about the mark. At this point, I did something very dangerous: I gave Cadence some advice. I told her that: She and Poor Rodrick had been living as roommates for some time now. They were no longer together or engaged, and their property had long been separated (Which she agreed with). Poor Rodrick, therefore, had no right to anything that classified as her personal belongings. If he took something that was hers and wouldn’t give it back, it was theft. Under no circumstances should she ever try to initiate a physical attack on Poor Rodrick for her belongings. He is larger and stronger. She will not win. In fact, she will get hurt. Domestic abuse is not a joke. Theft is not a joke. Assault is not a joke. Her life is not joke. If she feels that her belongings are being kept away from her by force, if she feels that her well being is threatened or she believes anyone who she is living with is dangerous and will hurt her, she should immediately get out and call the police. And then I said goodbye, good luck, and ran like hell. I wanted to get Poor Rodrick’s side of the story. And I also wanted to warn him that I had just advised his insane Ex to CALL THE COPS on him if something like this happened again. This was serious. Poor Rodrick told me a very similar story about what happened. He had gotten annoyed with her, it was in regards to something she was doing on her phone, he took her phone (bad move, he agreed), she jumped onto his back trying to get her phone from him. Poor Rodrick explained that when Cadence jumped onto his back, she wasn’t piggy-backing from his shoulders, she had both hands clasped together and was hanging from his throat. He legitimately couldn’t breathe. He was trying to tell her he couldn’t breathe, but couldn’t get much out because of the immense pressure on his trachea. He honestly thought he was going to pass out, and bit her out of desperation. That’s when she let go. Now, during this whole story, I haven’t given much in the way of physical description of Poor Rodrick and Cadence, and that has been on purpose. For one, to keep the anonymity, but secondly, I’m not here to make fun of anybody’s looks, body shame, or any of that racket. But for this part of the story, I find it necessary to give two details: Poor Rodrick was significantly taller than Cadence, meaning that when she was hanging off of him, her feet were nowhere near the floor. Her whole body weight was pulling against his throat and closing off his airway. (Think Westley wrestling Fezzik in The Princess Bride) Cadence, while short, was not small. When Poor Rodrick said that she was hanging off his throat, and he couldn’t breathe and couldn’t lift her off, I 100% believed him. I gleaned a little more information from Poor Rodrick about his home-life up until that point. Turns out, physical violence wasn’t that uncommon. He said that she was the one hitting/tackling/ wrestling him. He was so much larger and stronger than her, after all, that he could and should just take it. I thought that given the story I just heard, they were both acting like children, needed help, and should stay as far away from each other as possible. I warned him about what I told Cadence, and that he better watch his ass for a variety of reasons, not the least which being, what did he think was going to happen if the cops got called on a domestic abuse case and they showed up to a woman with a highly visible injury on her person? Cadence’s tone towards Poor Rodrick became very different in the days after our talk. She started cornering anyone who would listen and would go on long rants, now referring to herself as a “Victim of Domestic Violence” She claimed that Poor Rodrick was toxic and that she was a survivor. She bragged at work about how she would spend her time off, not in her apartment where she lived, but in our town’s local Abused Women’s Shelter. In my opinion, all the more power to her for removing herself from the situation. When I asked Poor Rodrick what he thought about it, he said that he honestly didn’t mind, was in full support, in fact. Anytime at home with her not in the apartment was a plus. Cadence spent her last weeks with Poor Rodrick, and then, she was gone. She did keep her job at our store a little while after she moved out, but apparently got serious with one of the guys she had been talking to (dating...? ) online. From what she described, a blind guy who lived in a town about two hours away. She quit her job with us and moved to that town to be with him. Spring 2019 Part 2: The Rebound As a result of Cadence leaving, Poor Rodrick found himself in an all-too common situation for young people- He could barely afford rent anymore. An apartment whose cost was meant to be afforded between two people was now saddled on him alone. And two things happened at the same time: Poor Rodrick said he was looking for a roommate for financial reasons. Poor Rodrick started talking about his dating life again, moving forward from the sort of false-start he’d had a few weeks prior. He was now able to set up and go on dates free of Cadence’s meddling and drama. Now, call me a crazy conspiracy theorist, but I think that both of these factors played into what happened next: -Poor Rodrick talks about a girl he’s matched with, her name is Daisy. (Maybe like the second or third girl he’s openly discussed at work since Cadence left? ) They’re setting up their first date! -Wow! Their date went so well! They have so much in common! He’s seeing her again soon! -Wow, that second date went amazing! Can’t believe how great she is! Everyone he’s introduced her to says they’re so much alike and such a good couple! -Geez, every time he sees her it’s like this instant connection! They’ve been seeing each other more and more, like every night. He thinks this might be for real, like she might be the one. -Great news! Daisy’s decided to move in with him! Isn’t that great?? -Daisy’s all moved in now, and well, Poor Rodrick proposed! She said yes! From start to finish, this ordeal took all of a month, that’s including the two or so other dates he’d went on to start. I think that was just enough time for Poor Rodrick not to suffer too much of a loss on his rent bills. Now, Poor Rodrick and Cadence had been engaged a while, at least a year, with no wedding planning to speak of. That’s fine, I’d just assumed that Poor Rodrick wasn’t the type ready for marriage, at least not marriage with Cadence. So I was surprised when soon after, spurred by their love, Poor Rodrick and Daisy sent out wedding invitations. I won’t post the YouTube video here (yes, it was a video, not a card) but I will describe it: It was a JibJab. Plain and simple. For those of you who don’t know what a jibjab is, just imagine pictures of Poor Rodrick’s and Daisy’s faces slapped onto the bodies of dancers in various music videos. The most memorable snippet was Poor Rodrick’s unmoving face and distant eyes attached to Rick Astley’s body, serenading Daisy with “Never Gonna Give You Up. ” Throughout the entire video was a block of text at the bottom advertising the details of the wedding. It would be held on a summer afternoon at a local park. I met Daisy exactly once prior to the wedding. she came shopping at our store for cloth material because she would be making her wedding dress. She seemed genuinely nice. Not much else to say, she was nerdy, quirky, not outwardly malicious or overly strange. To be fair, there have been weddings under stranger circumstances. I said a prayer that, despite the odds, despite the circumstances and all the red flags, that this would genuinely work out, for both their sakes. Summer 2019: The Wedding The day of the wedding came and I had decided to go. About an hour prior to the ceremony, I received a text from Poor Rodrick. There had been a venue change. The park they had originally planned to go to had a big town-funded event happening at it that day. Nobody, not the bride, groom, or anyone involved, had bothered to check this park’s availability prior to that day. They had literally found out just then, when they’d shown up to decorate. They would instead be getting married at a different, smaller, park close by. I showed up about 15 minutes prior to the start of the ceremony. They had “set up” under the public pavilion. I say “set up” because the decorations consisted of about 6 bundles of balloons taped in the rafters and some plastic table cloths, enough for half of all the tables present. The picnic tables were arranged on either side of the pavilion, lengthwise, creating a aisle between them. I feel the need to point out that when I say the plastic table cloths covered half of the tables present, you might imagine them covering the sides equally, until they ran out. No, literally the left row of picnic tables was completely covered and the right row was completely bare. There was also a table placed at the end of the aisle ( I think it was meant to be a make-shift altar) with presents and a bright, oddly colored bouquet as the centerpiece. Daisy was there, along with some of her family members, having someone take pictures with an iPhone. Despite plenty of seating for the very few people present, there were one or two lawn chairs set up in the aisle anyway. I saw someone I knew from work (let’s call her Sarah) in the back corner of the undecorated side of the pavilion. I sat with her and talked until the ceremony began. She was better friends with Poor Rodrick and Daisy then I and had apparently tried to help with planning the wedding. She filled me in on some bizarre details of the event. And from here on out, to keep this part somewhat brief, I’m going to bullet point it out: Sarah had asked Daisy literally the day before if she had a bouquet. Daisy said no. Sarah asked if Daisy wanted one. Daisy said yes. Sarah and Daisy had spent a good couple hours the day before throwing together a quick bouquet. Daisy had picked the colors. However, literally minutes before, some of Daisy’s family members had come with a bundle of freshly-picked flowers from a field for Daisy’s bouquet. They weren’t trimmed or tied together or anything. So Daisy was walking around holding a bunch of flowers with a bunch of roots sticking out the bottom and the fake flowers they’d spent the day before putting together were now the centerpiece for the altar instead. Sarah had tried to get Daisy to change into her wedding dress at her house before they came to the park, but Daisy had insisted on changing in the public park bathroom after arriving instead. Sarah had done Daisy’s hair. Sarah is not a hair stylist. This went about as well as you’d expect. Poor Rodrick wasn’t there (ceremony was supposed to start in like 10 minutes) because he was picking up pizzas for afterwards. Later, after he did show up, and after he had changed from shorts and a tank top to a suit in the park restroom, Sarah had to convince him to put the tank top back on because his dress shirt was completely see-through and we could all see his chest. Daisy’s mother was the officiant at the wedding. Daisy’s mother was wearing all black, head to toe, black sunglasses, and a blue head-scarf. She looked like Yubaba from Spirited Away when she turns into that bird thing, all bundled up, in black, except add sunglasses and a head scarf. Reminding you, it was a hot summer day. Also, for the rest of the story I will refer to her as Yubaba. Poor Rodrick set up a tripod in the corner with a phone on it to record the ceremony. There was a speaker thrown up in the rafters for music. Someone had to remind Poor Rodrick that he’d left the rings in his ride’s car before the ceremony The ceremony started about half an hour late. While everyone was getting ready, all except one of the balloon bundles had come loose and started blowing away. A few had popped on the grass. There was an attempt to re-tape the survivors, but it was windy and this idea was quickly abandoned. The ceremony started with Yubaba walking down the aisle, then Poor Rodrick walking down the aisle, then Daisy walking down the aisle. When Yubaba asked “Who gives this woman away? ” it wasn’t to anyone specifically, since Daisy had walked herself down the aisle. This was stated as a legitimate question posed to the audience. We all sat in silence for a good 10 seconds until Daisy pointed to some guy (I assume family) and was all, “That’s you! ” He looked completely baffled. He got up at Yubaba’s coaxing, “Come stand up here! ” and was instructed to take Daisy’s outstretched hand and place it in Rodrick’s hand, about 3 inches away. After which he was told to sit back down. Yubaba read the wrong verses from her bible to start. She started reading the wrong verse, got a full paragraph in, stopped, said, “Oh, that’s not right, ” licked her fingers, then very slowly flipped the pages back. She eventually found the right verse, and then started again as if nothing had happened. We all sat in silence and just watched. Yubaba “anointed” Poor Rodrick and Daisy with oil. And by anointed I mean straight dumped a whole bottle of the stuff between their hair, shoulders and the ground. There was no planned ring-bearer. Poor Rodrick chose a nearby 12 year-old family member, who’s suit jacket was at least 3 sizes too big for him by the way, poor kid, and just said, “You want to be ring bearer? Here. Stand there. There you go. ” And this kid stood for the duration of the ceremony right next to Poor Rodrick, with one ring in each hand, arms outstretched, palms up, elbows bent, in this weird shrugging position, but almost looking reverent, like the rings were holy. But nobody told him to stop, or let him know he had the option to just hold them, like a normal human being, so he did this until they were taken. At the end they smashed a glass bottle. Poor Rodrick smashed it on the ground with his foot. Yubaba said this was meant to symbolize smashing the old and starting new beginnings, but I thought breaking the glass was a Jewish thing. Idk, correct me if I’m wrong I guess. I left the small gift I got gotten them on a table and immediately left after the ceremony. I’d seen enough. Epilogue: I’d like to say this is the end of this long, ridiculous story. It is definitely is for the wedding shame part of it. But there was an aftermath some might interested in. Poor Rodrick and Daisy’s marriage lasted two months. They separated a long time ago and as of posting this I don’t know if they’ve officially completed the divorce process. Poor Rodrick’s Facebook feed is a complete train wreck. He moves between girlfriends faster than any person I’ve ever seen. I’m talking some “relationships” that last two days. He’ll post lots of photos of him sucking face with some girl, change his profile picture, change his status, post lots of shit about how great she is, and then after a week change his profile picture back to just him and change his status back to single. Wash, rinse, repeat. And nothing gets deleted, so scrolling back through his timeline even two weeks is like visiting a graveyard of past relationships, plus a wedding in there somewhere. Cadence eventually moved towns again and her Facebook claims she’s single. I can only assume it didn’t work out with whomever she was chasing. Poor Rodrick eventually left the store himself. I’m not sure where he is anymore. TL;DR: Teenager with shitty fiancé finally works up nerve to break up with her. Meets, moves in with, and gets engaged to another chick within a month. Has trashy wedding. Gets divorced after two months. Edit: Thank you everyone for your kindness in the comments! I got a silver, thank you kind stranger!! This is my first and only reddit post, so I’m unsure of a lot of the etiquette around here. I’m just glad people liked it, and yeah, like I said, it’s LONG. But I tried to make it worth the read.

Straszne dni e. It's a bit on the late side, but I finally finished the game. I originally planned to finish it ASAP on its release. I downloaded it the minute it came out, and even set away a few days of free time to 100% it. But then, a couple hours into the game, I got frustrated and couldn't bring myself to get back to it. Well, you can already see where this review is going, I'm not happy:( My favorite games are Y0 and Judgement, so I had high hopes for Y7. So I want to take the time to rant a bit and share my experiences. Some of the things I say below will be pretty harsh. Please keep in mind that this is just my personal opinion and experience. There seem to be a lot people who had an amazing time with the game. You should always try it for yourself. Battle Let's start with the big thing everyone is talking about. For reference, I actually love turn-based RPGs - I'm a huge fan of the Persona and Final Fantasy series. P5 is one of my favorite games of all time. So, the turn-based battle didn't immediately turn me off, but I was a bit skeptical whether or not it would fit the genre. As a turn-based battle fan, I found the battle in Y7 as bad as it could be. If you've ever played an RPG where you try really hard to avoid all random encounters, that is what I felt like. I found myself making huge detours in the city just to avoid random street battles. This never happened to me in previous games. I usually welcomed fights, even in other RPGs like P5. In Judgement, I actually went out of my way to find battles because they were fun and quick. With or without auto-mode, Y7 battles take unnecessarily long with their turn-switching and skill animations. The random battles break the immersion because they go into "battle mode" with enemy transformations. The battles are also clunkier than the action battles were - characters get stuck on walls and random objects and can't attack until they get teleported to the enemy, etc. All this makes the battles even longer. It's just poorly implemented compared to something like P5. After the first couple of chapters it got so annoying that I started auto-ing the random battles and doing other things on my phone while the battles was running. I almost finished another full mobile game by playing it during Y7 battle breaks. The boss battles are more challenging and, unlike the random encounters, can't be won them by spamming the attack button. Still, they were nowhere near as fun the battles in previous games. I never found myself hyped for any battle in Y7. Characters I like Ichiban. Kiryu has had more than half a dozen games that developed his personality and background, so comparing the two would be unfair. Ichiban is still fresh. He's more easy-going and gets emotional pretty quickly. I wouldn't mind more Ichiban games - Kiryu has had his time. However, I didn't feel any connection to the other characters, I think there were poorly developed. Main Story I speak Japanese, and while there were a few scenes I didn't fully understand (Yakuza speech is not easy! ), I probably got ~99. 9% of the main story. And I think the writing is absolutely terrible. I got spoiled by amazing stories like Judgement and Y0, and was hoping for something similar. I was so wrong. The actions of the characters in this game makes no sense. Your enemies, or other random people, will tell you all their secrets and let you leave without even trying to stop you. Then they become allies without any good reason. And this doesn't happen once, it happens all the time. I know it's a game, but in titles like Judgement these issues were largely absent - people acted in a way that would make sense in real life. The devs did a great job to understand what drives people. No such thing in Y7. The game still feels like a movie, but a really bad one. On top of that, so many scenes have cliche things like "I'm doing this to protect my nakama", but the person is talking about some random people he met a few days ago, not someone he has a long history with or grew up with. Stuff like that ruins the story for me. The characters in this game don't feel like real people. They feel like actors following a really bad script. The actual storyline in this game isn't even that bad, but all the plot holes and the bad script made me cringe, get upset, and lose interest so many times. Please bring back the Judgement and Y0 writers. Silliness If Y0 and Judgement are crime dramas for adults, then Y7 feels like a bad superhero movie for children. The fighting in Yakuza games has always been over-to-top, but the game itself was consistent. It's not unreasonable to think that someone like Kiryu, Yagami, a police officer, or other Yakuza are strong. Of course, they can't beat up half a dozen people with those crazy moves in reality, but that kind of over-the-top is fine. And usually it's limited to the fighting. It's a game. It's still reasonable to think that such people are slightly stronger than the average person because of their background. In Y7, all of this is thrown out of the window. Suddenly an ex-nurse and a girl running a hostess club with zero fighting experience can beat up huge Yakuza with their umbrella and handbag. Then, in the next scene, after beating a dozen of big Yakuza, the same person doesn't have enough strength to carry a few boxes of equipment. This is no over-the-top - it's just silly and breaks the game immersion. Then, add to that the silly transformations, magic moves and overall silly villain designs. With those changes the game would IMO fit much better into anime-style engine than its current realistic one. Some people may like this, but it just wasn't for me. I wanted a serious adult crime drama, not a superhero comic movie. Substories. What made them so funny in previous games were not just the stories themselves, but how a stoic Kiryu gets caught up in silly situations and tries resolve them with his seriousness, all while being involved in a life-or-death main story. The substories in Y7 are pretty good, but they don't have quite the same effect because Ichiban is already easy-going, and the rest of the game is already silly and unrealistic. There is no contrast anymore. The stories are just, uh, a bit more silliness on top of it. Yokohama Yokohama is the new location. Some parts of it look beautiful, but it feels empty compared to Kamurocho or Sotenbori. Yokohama is at least twice as big, but most of that space is filled with nothing - just a highway with cars and a bunch of business and government buildings with no people. Running from one end to the other means running through boring deserted areas (except for the random battles! ) for 5 minutes. There are a few shopping streets in Yokohama packed with people, but most of the city is empty. Personally I prefer the bustling nature of Kamurocho/Sotenbori. I admit that I'm a bit tired of Kamurocho, but after walking around in deserted Yokohama I couldn't wait to get back there. Minigames There are the usual ones, and a bunch of new games and mechanics unique to Y7. I don't want to spoil them here, but they are all quite good. Hostess club management, pocket racing, and drone racing were my favorite minigames from other titles and I think nothing from Y7 really comes close. I felt like the company management is the "main" minigame of Y7. It's quite similar to the hostess club in that you need to recruit people and can't really "lose" - you will steady progress no matter what you do, but if you make suboptimal decisions it will take you longer to complete. If you do everything perfectly you can probably complete the whole storyline in ~3 hours. If you make a lot of mistakes it may take you 5-6 hours. Personally it took me around 4 hours. I made some mistakes in the beginning because I didn't know what I was doing. But once I got the hang of it, it was quite easy, similar to the hostess club. I had fun with it though, I'd almost say it was the best part of Y7 for me. I just wish it were longer. Difficulty Bosses can be quite difficult if you are not prepared. You either need good equipment, a ton of healing items, or grind to level up your characters. Personally I felt like I cheated a bit because I completed the company management game as soon as it unlocked. That gave me almost infinite money and I bought the best weapons and maximum amount of healing items at every store I came across. The rest of the game was pretty easy with that. I never had to grind for leveling up my characters. However, if you don't invest some time into grinding either money or levels, you'll have a hard time with some bosses. Conclusion Probably the worst Yakuza game I've played. What ruined it for me were the battle and the really bad writing. I think I could've forgiven one or the other. An amazing main story could've made up for the annoying battles. An amazing fun battle system could've made up for a lackluster main story. But the double whammy of awfulness with both was just too much. Personally I think Yakuza either needs another full reboot, or it should just stop at this point. I don't want to see one of my favorite series ruined. Personally I think they should shift their effort into Judgement and focus on that as a new mainstream titles. It has so much potential.

Straszne dni es. Straszne dni del. Straszne dni que. Straszne bajki. Straszne dni stand. Straszne dni para. Straszne dailymotion. Very well-made and difficult to watch, this film does justice to its topic. As a potential assassin Igal Amir needed only a few (but powerful) motivators to lead him to a gun and help him pull the trigger. In doing so he changed to course of history. With great restraint this film delves into both Amir and the influences around him leading eventually to the murder of Prime Minister Rabin. The direction and acting are on a very high level and anyone wishing to gain insight and learn lessons from this horrific event should invest the time in seeing this film. It provokes thought as well as feeling, thus qualifying it as an important piece of film making.

Straszne dni na. Straszne dni mean. It's the end of November and with 2019 coming to a close rather sooner than later I figure this would as good a moment as any to take a look at upcoming servants and meta shifts for the NA server. Since we do have access to our Clairvoyance EX on NA, why not make good use of it and see what options we'll have next year that we didn't have before? I started this mostly for myself to see what I want to roll for next, but I might as well share it, maybe some of you will find it useful. Most people will of course look at 2020 and mostly think about this being the year Skadi comes to NA. Unsurprisingly. If JP is anything to go by (and usually JP is everything to go by), Skadi will dominate the farming meta for the years to come. So of course she's being highlighted for good reason. But Skadi aside, there's quite some other new servants throughout the year (because of course there are) and some of them are very much worth the look. Besides that, I'll take a look at major events throughout the year and what to expect from them as well. So that of course means that this thread will be full of spoilers. If you don't like those, you're definitely in the wrong place. I will, however, not include every single event or change, stuff like 1/2 AP Campaigns, Hunting Quests, Anniversary Milestones and similar things are just not very interesting to discuss on the base of servants alone. I will focus on new servants, major events, last rateups for servants, stuff like that. Final disclaimer: While I tried to be thorough, I might have missed something, especially in terms of "last rateups". Do not solely rely on this to plan ahead but if you want a servant, check their availability by yourself please. You can do so, for instance, with the individual campaign pages on - like this (and yes, no Ishtar in 2020 at least I won't waste another 1100+ SQ on her this year without her showing up. ). So, without further ado, let's go through it, right? January We'll start the new year with the 2018 New Year Campaign Banner possibly minus some servants we already saw in Thanksgiving (Gilgamesh comes to mind). Besides lots of Tickets in the Shop and as a reward campaign, the summoning banner features lots of excellent servants, with Melt's second appearance and of course Hokusais release on NA. As good a time as any to spend your christmas money right away, if you're so inclined. This will also be Musashis last rateup for at least the coming two years, she didn't have a rateup again after this on JP, so if you missed her during Shimosa, this is your last chance. That aside, January will also see the DaVinci Rerun which is another unlimited lottery event only with Pieces and Monuments instead of Skill Gems. While that might be less attractive for many people, the event also includes Bones, Dust, Fangs and Proofs, which will make just as many people very very happy. Following DaVinci, we'll have Setsubon, so you better have a lot of 1-3* servants prepared, otherwise the Fatigue mechanic will be somewhat of a pain to deal with (though I'm told it's not as bad as it seems, really). February Either very late January or at the beginning of February, we'll have the Valentines Event, including the release of Semiramis. Also in February, the K'n'K Rerun will hit NA and give Masters their last chance to get the [Assassin Shiki Welfare]( (Assassin)), which you really don't want to miss. The event also sees the last rateup for Saber Shiki. She also didn't have another rateup on JP, so if you want here, now's the time. The same applies for Asagami Fujino, who has her one and only rateup during this event. She has never seen JP again. Other than that, February sees the Strengthening Quests Part VIII, which includes Strengthenings for Kiara (which will have a rateup soon after during the 12m DL Campaign at the end of February), Melt and several other servants. March March will start of with the Chaldea Boys Collection Summoning Campaign, which mostly focuses on Proto Arthur. It used to be his last rateup, but just recently he got another one on JP. We'll also see the Saber Wars Rerun in March, including, of course, the ever so delightful [Saber Lily Welfare]( (Lily)). A far less critical servant than, say, Assassin Shiki, but a Welfare nontheless - and you can never have enough of those, as the Drama around this years "Halloween Event" on JP without a welfare has shown. It's also the last chance to get MHX until late 2021, so while we know she'll return with Saber Wars II, she'll be a looooooooong way out. That aside, March is a relatively quiet month, a time for rest before April when the year really gets rolling. April April is when the Lostbelts and Chapter 2 finally hit NA, starting with the Anastasia Chapter release (assuming we don't count the Prelude this year, that is). While the Lostbelts are notorious for taking ages to be released, they are also known to be (mostly) excellent in writing, so that's something to look forward to. Naturally, with it we'll also get a host of new servants to enjoy. With the ever-loved Queen of Snow Anastasia - the Servant, this time, everyones favourite Goth-Kitty [Atalanta Alter]( (Alter)) and a new 3-star in Avicebron in the first Campaign and the massively oversized Ivan the Terrible (honestly, his battle sprite is Chonker - not quite Kingprotea size, but then again, what is? ) and another (sadly: story-locked) 3-star in Saliery in the second Banner. However, while this already is a massive release, it's by far not all that graces us in April. We'll also have the Journey to the West Rerun, which includes this year's first solo-rateup for every masters overwork main support Waver. We'll also see the release of Nezha, a solid 4-star AoE Lancer. Turns out, Nezha already joins us with Salem in a few days. My bad! All in all, April seems like a great month to spend some Quartz, but beware, the Skadi release is coming and it's coming fast. May Technically released at the end of April on JP, Inheritance of Glory happens mostly throughout May and with it comes another Welfare in Sieg, an Arts AoE Caster that can loop! Don't miss him! It's a Raid Event, so that's a nice change of pace. Moreover, the Summoning Campaign also sees the release of Achilles and Chiron, with the latter having his one and only rateup during it. If you want him, this is the time to roll for him. May will also see the Interlude Campaign 5 with skill upgrades for Scheherazade and Brynhildr and an NP Upgrade for Da Vinci. Lateron in May, we'll have the Murder at the KOGETSUKAN event containing the last known rateup for Sherlock Holmes (correction: he has a 1-day shared rateup with Skadi at 3rd anniversary. This is his last solo rateup). The Event is just a series of quests to enjoy moreso than something to grind and farm. That will be reserved for the GUDAGUDA Meiji Ishin Rerun, which includes NAs last chance of acquiring the Chacha Welfare servant. Again: far less crucial than Sieg is but hey, free servant is free servant, right? Finally, something that is surely going to break some hearts, May will have the last rateup for Okita for at least 2 years. She hasn't seen another rateup on JP since this, so if you need to dip into your Skadi Funds for her, I guess few people will blame you. And while we're at breaking hearts, the 13 Million Download Campaign will be the last chance to get the Summer Servants Lancer Tama, Archer Anne&Mary, Lancer Kiyohime and Surfer Mordred so... even more reason to throw around Quartz. Make sure to prioritize appropriately. June Real-world summer is here and since we apparently didn't have enough welfares in the last months June will have two more for you. The month will see the next GUDAGUDA which includes Sakamoto Ryoma as a Welfare and the release of [Okita Alter]( (Alter)) and the limited 3-star Okada Izo. Yes, he's limited, indeed. Not even story locked. Also, speaking of summer, the Dead Heat Summer Race Rerun with Rider Ishtar Welfare also happens in June. It also happens to be the last chance to get a lot of the summer servants released with the original event, so if you want to grab Saber Fran, Assassin Nito, Maid Alter, Archer Helena or, most likely, Lancer Raikou, you need to get them here. Caster Nero and Berserker Nobu will have one more rateup (and Raikou theoretically so, but we don't see KYOMAF Banners on NA, so... don't bet on it). And then, finally, it's time for this year's main course. July July starts of calmly with an Interlude Campaign that includes an NP Upgrade for Columbus and a Skill Upgrade for Passionlip, followed by the Lostbelt 2, Götterdämmerung Pre-Release Campaign and Chapter Release. These Banners include Napoleon, Sigurd and the Valkyries and a Master Level Update to a max of Level 150, which includes a raise of the Friend Limit to 90, AP Limit to 142 and Command Point Limit to 113. That aside, Götterdämmerung is also the last chance to get Brynhildr for the forseeable future. And if another Lostbelt wouldn't be enough already, 3rd Anniversary will follow suit, finally add give us Skadi, the Command Code System, a set of Costume CEs, a storage Expansion (from 350 to 450 each servant and CE storage), tons of free quartz (for EoR Completion and for the cumulative login bonus change amongst other freebies), another set of Strengthenings (including, critically, Paracelsus one) and the All the Statesmen Rerun with Paul Bunyan as Welfare. So that's a handful. With Skadi upon us, the farming meta will change majorly towards quick servants for... basically it never went away again. While Arts-looping is very much still a thing (even moreso than ever before! ), many many people still just prefer double Skadi over anything and every discussion about new servants analyzes through the lense of double Skadi first and foremost. Major advice though, while you might get a lot of free quartz during the Anniversary, this is the first and also last Skadi rateup for a long time. She only just showed up on JP again with the 18M Download Campaign this November, roughly one and a half years later. And with how important she is in the farming meta, you really want to stock up on SQ beforehand if you don't want to miss her. We all know how Gacha is a cruel mistress and if you bank on the free SQ to carry you to Skadi, you might just miss out on her and that would be bad if you want her. August With so much happening in July you might think your Quartz is safe if you managed to get whom you wanted, but I can bet you that this won't be the case. While things might not come around as thick and fast anymore as in July, we still have 2020s Summer Event coming up early in August and with that, we do not only get a regular amount of Summer servants with Summer Jeann, [Summer Ibaraki]( (Lancer)), [Summer Ushiwakamaru]( (Assassin)), Summer BB, Mysterious Heroine XX and [Summer Medb]( (Saber)), but. in addition to all that, also a third summoning campaign that includes Dantes and we all know how terribly great he is with Skadi already, right? So if you just picked up Skadi in July, here's your best chance at getting Dantes alongside her for happy 3t farming. Moreover, the summer event will come with [Summer JAlter]( (Berserker_Alter)), a welfare berserker variant of the fan-favourite servant itself. Or, as /u/Inkaflare rightly pointed out: she's freaking Jalter in a swimsuit. So if regular JAlter hasn't found a way into your Chaldea yet, here's your chance to rectify that at least a little bit! And, as if we didn't have enough Summer Servants already, August will also see the 14M DL Campaign (or the NA equivalent of it, moreso), which includes the last known rateups for Archuria and Summer Marie. You'll also get a bit of SQ if you have a lot of Strengthening Quests finished, as the rewards for those change from 1 SQ to 2 SQ and will be awarded retroactively. September It's September and that means, it's time for Nerofest. But before that, the Fate/Accel Zero Order Rerun will happen and grace is with the last chance to get [Irisviel]( (Dress_of_Heaven)). Irisviel is by no means a crucial servant to have, but still - if you mis her here, you won't be able to get her anymore, so don't be slacking off just because summer is over! The summoning Banner contains the last rateup for Iskander, as well as (amongst others) rateups for Waver and Zerkerlot, so there's your go if you feel like upping your Zerkerlots NP levels to pair him with Skadi. Also, while Zerkerlot is non-limited and can spook you any time (and is part of every 4* ticket), if you want to go ham on him, go here, since it's his last rateup. Finally, we'll see the release of [Saber Diarmuid]( (Saber)) with this rerun. And then we'll have this year's Nerofest - or rather: Gilfest. It's called Battle in New York and you better have your Apples ready for it. Alongside the usual stuff, the boxes contain Dust, Proofs, Homunculi Babies and Serpent Jewels and the Summoning Campaign includes Gilgamesh (of course) alongside Queen of Sheba. Oktober So after the gacha onslaught that was July and August and the comparatively quiet September, October sees little more than Halloween x2 and an Interlude Campaign. It's a time of respite after lottery farming in Gilfest. First, we'll have the Mecha Eli-Chan Halloween Rerun which is your chance to get either your first Mecha Eli or of picking the other one this time around. Yes, you can have both, yes, they are completely different servants and you can even field both of them at once, yes, they have the same kit and yes, they have different voicelines. Afterwards we'll see the Interlude Campaign VII with Interludes for Cu Alter and Cleopatra, amongst others, before we'll go to this year's Halloween Event featuring the vilest of all Onis as a welfare for a change, [Caster Shuten]( (Caster)). The Event's Campaign comes with Sitonai and her... Bear/hound called Shirou. November November starts off with the 15m Downloads Campaign giving us another 4* Ticket which will be even harder to chose from than last time and the second and last time Abigail gets a rateup. Also, the 15M DL Campaign sees the introduction of 5* Embers which net roughly three times as much exp as 4*s and can drop in the FP Gacha as well, rejoice! Shortly following the Celebration is the Christmas Rerun and it's limited lottery. Just as this year, it's going to be limited to 10 boxes and it's also the last known rateup for Ereshkigal, so if you fail to roll her this year, next year's your last chance (or at least until DW readds her in the future). The welfare of this rerun is, of course, Altera the San(ta), so if you're going to miss her in 2019, there's your chance again, although I would recommend getting her already. This is the event from which on we'll get RP for duplicate welfare servants we alread acquired in the past, so that's free 5 RP for you right here, which is, quite frankly, very good. If you still lack some of the Da Vinci CEs or Mystic Codes, this is your best bet! Afterwards, we'll see the prerelease and release of the third Lostbelt, S I N, including brand new servants in Xiang Yu (another servant with a huuuge sprite), a new, strong Arts Support in Lanling Wang and Quin Liangyu in the first banner, alongside the so far one and only rateup of the the Challenge Quest Monster that is Qin Shi Huang and also Yu Miaoyi, together with a new, story locked 3* servant in Red Hare. If you ever wanted a Pony as a child but your parents didn't agree with you, maybe he will be your thing? But honestly, QSH is the big story here and if you think about getting him, get him now. During S I N, we'll also see the Bond Level expansion coming to NA. Using Chaldea Visionary Flames Masters can unlock additional Bond levels up to 15 (one at a time). Each reached bond level is rewarded with 30SQ as an extra incentive to bring your favourites to quests. In addition to that, NA is going to see another Thanksgiving Banner in this timeframe. The contents of that are, as always, hard to predict. This year, we've seen several skipped banners like KYOMAF and the Fate Apocrypha Commemoration Campaign and I could see that happening again, as that generally makes a lot of sense. Commemoration Campaigns are always difficult to do in NA (because, well, they commemorate a real life event that often is 2 years in the past at this point), so why not push the servants we might have missed into a Thanksgiving Banner? December The last month of the year will give us the Christmas Event and our first Ruler Welfare in the Samba Santa Quetzalcoatl. That aside, December is a relatively calm month... but a lottery event makes up for it tenfold with all the farming that comes with it. Final words And that's that for 2020. The highlights are, most definitely, Skadi and QSH, but we'll also see three new story chapters when the Lostbelts finally hit NA, lots and lots of welfare servants and well liked servants outside of the mainstays. I hoped this helped you plan ahead with your rolls for the year and get a general idea of what's to come. If you want to know how much quartz you have until a certain date for a certain servant, you can always use this spreadsheet together with this calculator to get a good idea about how things will look for you. It's not perfect, especially since we get bonus quartz for NA at different intervals than JP (like how we get SQ for Anime Expos but not for KYOMAFs, naturally), but still... it should give you a decent enough idea how things look. I hope the gacha is good to you and you roll all that you desire, but remember, gambling is gambling and just because you spend 600 or 1000 SQ on a servant, that doesn't mean that they will show up. I should know. Yes, I'm still salty. Be smart about it and set your expectations as low as you can. If you pay with real money for your quartz, be responsible and don't chase your losses. But most of all, have fun with the game! Let's have a good start into the quick meta and an amazing 2020 all around!

Straszne di sfondi. Straszne dni. Straszne dnis. Straszne di interesse di. Really well done. The story is compelling and the acting is seamless and fantastic especially the lead actor. I was also impressed by the editing. They used real footage of real events and combined them into the new footage is a seamless and a very skilled fashion, impressive. Straszne dni o. Straszne diagnostic. This film is a re-creation of the life of Yigal Amir, the assassin of Yitzhak Rabin, from the time of the announcement of the 1st Oslo peace accord, to the actual deed. While Yigal was already a nationalist (he starts by being arrested at an anti-Oslo rally) various forces encouraged or abetted him towards assassination.
There is his mother, encouraging him to greatness, as per his name. There are rabbis who proclaim that Jewish law should supercede secular law, and also that Rabin is a "Persuer" and an "Informer" permitting him to be killed. There is a Likud / Bibi rally, where calls to kill Rabin go unchecked. There are girlfriends / potential brides, who just distance themselves from him but not report his thoughts to authorities. About the only person who comes off well is his father, who said that, if Rabin should be struck down, it should be by the hand of God and not of man.
I was at the world premiere (see: trivia) where the director said the film project was started 5 years ago, and it is just coincidental that it is coming out as populists hold hate-filled rallies.


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Incitement - by Jenny, February 26, 2020
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